[Complete version] How to find a property in Tokyo [Read this to solve all]

I’m looking for a property for the first time in Tokyo, but I don’t know what to do …

I want to know the specific procedure before the contract.
We answer such a trouble.

Contents of this article

  1. How to rent a property in Tokyo
  2. What to look for and find a solution in Tokyo
  3. Japanese Lease Contract Culture

I have been working at a famous real estate agent in Tokyo for a year writing this article.
We have a track record with foreigners as business individuals.

Here are some frequently asked questions from foreigners.
A real estate professional, I will explain the procedure for finding a property in an easy-to-understand manner.

Please read this article first and contact a Japanese real estate agent.

Of course, it’s okay if I ask a question to an individual.
In that case, please contact us from the inquiry form.
https://c-mgmt.jp/contact/ (We will reply within 1-3 days.)

How to rent a property in Tokyo

Renting a property in Tokyo is very complicated.

That’s because there are a lot of things to do before you sign a contract.

All steps to rent a property in Tokyo

The steps are summarized below.

  1. Search for property
  2. Ask a real estate company if a property is available 💡1
  3. Take a preview appointment 💡2
  4. Go preview with real estate agent
  5. If you find a good room, apply for it 💡3
  6. When you apply, the “movement screening” starts 💡4
  7. “movement screening” is passed
  8. Determine the moving-in date 💡5
  9. Once the move-in date is decided, a “contract” is created
  10. Agreement 💡6
  11. Fire insurance
  12. Payment of initial cost
  13. Key delivery 💡7
  14. Start moving in

💡1: In Japan, there are many contracted properties even if they appear on the Internet.
The latest information can only be heard directly from the real estate agent.

💡2: Japanese real estate agents are very busy, so I hate appointments on the day.
If possible, it is better to take an appointment at a later date, so that you can save time properly and respond politely.

💡3: “Application” is the act of applying for a screening before entering into a contract.
When contracting for a Japanese property, you must apply for it.
In addition, the following documents must be submitted for application.
✓ Application form
(the format varies depending on the property, so check with the real estate agent)
✓ Identity card
(Basically, you need a passport or permanent residence. Check with a real estate agent to find out if a visa is acceptable)
✓ Employment certificate
(If you are employed by a company, have an employee ID card or insurance card. If you do not have one, check with a real estate agent.)

💡4: “Examination” is the act of applying for an occupancy review before concluding a contract.
In addition, there are the following two stages in the Japanese examination.
① “Guarantee company” examination
Guarantee company: A legal entity acting as a joint guarantor.
In most Japanese contracts, in many cases, the contract with this “guarantor” is also essential.
② Review of “owner”
Owner: The owner of the building (room)

💡5: Move-in date = rent generation date
Consult with a real estate agent in advance.
In Japanese properties, there are two types of rooms, one that allows you to adjust the occupancy date and one that does not. This is one of the most troublesome areas in Japan, so be sure to check in advance.

💡6: When contracting for a Japanese property, you must receive the “Important Explanation”.
It is determined by Japanese law (Residential Building and Building Business Law).

💡7: In Japan, the following three conditions are required to pass the property key.
① The contract is complete
②The initial payment has been completed
③Has taken out fire insurance


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